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Jimmy's worst enemies, the Yolkians from the theatrical filmcome back and pretend to be nice, but Jimmy suspects something about the Yolkian's evil plan, leading the town to turn against him and attend a Yolkian party. Curvy blondie with massive tits gets But the Nanobots trick Jimmy's father into releasing them and using them as batteries for one of his toys. Characters in this video: Jimmy invents a sweatband to help his dad perform better at the parent-child games, but he and his dad are disqualified for cheating along with Cindy and her mom. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Once inside the toy, the Nanobots plot to destroy Retroville.

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Everyone finds the Twonkies irresistibly adorable and adopts one.

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Jimmy tracks down his evil clone once again and attempts to turn him good, but the clone has other ideas. The pizza monster then wakes up and discovers that the whole event was a nightmare while he was sleeping. Judy Neutronfind more in our Characters index. Carl, Sheen, and Libby try to disable the autopilot and find their friends somewhere in the ocean. Short-haired red teen gets her tight

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