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Monkey is a HUGE, muscular wild man who can pretty easily rip war robots into pieces. Benedict Cumberbatch stands at 6', while Joanna Page is 5'2", making him a full ten inches taller than her. They are especially intersted in the only guy who's taller then the princess; unfortunately he's also a Noodle Person who has to wrestle her she lets him win to avoid injuring him. In Berserkthe exceptionally tall and muscular protagonist Guts has a tendency to form intergenerational friendships with small-statured teenage girls he meets on his journeys. This is actually reflected on the gameplay:

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During an initial medical evaluation of shortness, the absence of disproportion and other clues listed above usually indicates causes other than bone dysplasias.

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Those who ship Jayne and River also like to play up the dynamic in their fic, despite Summer Glau being an average-sized cm. He definitely has this dynamic with the young witch Schierkewho supports him in combat with her magic and clings to him in her astral form in order to keep him from losing his mind while he's enclosed in the Berserker Armor. In Beastars Haru the bunny stands at the height of Legosi the wolf's waist. This doesn't happen so explicitly but that's what happens throughout the series. The size changing thing is a handwave that may or may not be used Depending on the Writer. Most people with dwarfism do not choose this option, and it remains controversial.

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